Have your say: should college students get refunds this year?

Online lectures, socially distanced club events, limited number on campus: everything has changed about college this year - except the cost


Who’d be a college student in 2020? This time last year, thousands of giddy students were getting their first taste of college life; this year, most are experiencing third level through a laptop screen.

Public health restrictions mean that right across the third level sector the vast majority of lectures are online, with just tutorials and practicals taking place in-person in some colleges. Club and society events are mostly virtual or are being held outdoors, subject to a maximum of 15 people.

Have your say: should college students get refunds this year?

Everything has changed, it seems, except for the cost of going to college. Irish students still have the second most expensive fees in the EU, while the cost of accommodation is as steep as ever in most cases.

So, what’s your college experience been like so far? Should students be entitled to cut-price student registration fees? Should accommodation providers be more flexible? And how are you feeling about the year to come?

Join in the debate by sharing your thoughts and we’ll publish your responses here in the coming days.