Waiting for rural regeneration


Sir, – When I was a gosoon, in the last century, Radio Éireann had a much-loved programme called Take the Floor. Din Joe would tell a joke, and when Joe Lynch would interrupt with the punchline, Din Joe would sorrowfully say, “Ah, you heard it before, Joe”. That was my reaction when I read the new rural regeneration plan. – Yours, etc,



Co Leitrim.

Sir, – I’ve been reading through the Government’s 273-point plan for rural development and, being a rural dweller, was happy to see the promise to protect and improve “rural transport provision”.

I then read between the lines of the current arguments regarding Bus Éireann and realise that the objective of Government seems at utter variance with that promise, which renders the rest of the “plan” hardly worth the paper it is scribbled on. – Yours, etc,



Co Sligo.