Trump’s plans for Doonbeg


Sir, – Why is it that people have to sound off from the east about Shannon (May 14th)? Some of the more creative ideas have originated from Shannon. They might not always have been considered “edifying” or politically correct by the mid -Irish Sea brigade.

I remember well the negative comments floating about in the 1960s when Brendan O’Regan was trying out the Bunratty model, which eventually was adopted by castles around the world.

Donald Trump will always recall the unusual greeting he received on his arrival. That’s marketing. – Yours, etc,


Ard Coillte,

Killaloe, Co Tipperary.

Sir, – It is only right that we roll out the red carpet, as it were, on the inaugural visit of a major international investor to our shores like Donald Trump, not least, lest we forget, when he is planning to invest a further €45 million into the fabulous Doonbeg facility and has given clear indications that he will be looking for further opportunities here.

Aside from the investment and the employment that will come with it, there are few, if any, people in the world of business that can generate international attention on investing in our country like Donald Trump does. His clear message at the press conference at Shannon Airport that the Irish economy is making a comeback is exactly what we want and need conveyed internationally.

As a former vice-president and managing director of a US multinational in the midwest, I can assure you that the global captains of industry do appreciate being made feel welcome. – Yours, etc,



Ennis Road,