Time for a national ID card system


Sir, – The article by Karlin Lillington “Want to enter a Kafkaesque nightmare? Try using your Public Services Card” (Business Opinion, January 10th) highlights the need for a grown-up public debate on the merits of introducing a mandatory national ID system for all Irish residents.

The efficient running of our country for its citizens is hampered by the lack of access to integrated information. Our EU partners are integrating national ID systems to provide citizens with easier access to a broad range of services from other member states. Irish citizens are unknowingly losing out on access to better health, financial and educational services in other member states.

At the same time, Ireland is legally obliged to provide an online infrastructure for citizens of other EU member states to avail of these services here.

The introduction of a national ID system would help to enhance the provision of services to its citizens and reduce the costs of the provision of current services.

The ideological arguments against a national ID system are obsolete. The reality is that foreign big tech companies have access to vastly more personal information on Irish residents today than the Irish State ever will. – Yours, etc,



Co Dublin.