‘Tie-rone’ and Tyrone


Sir, – As the All-Ireland Gaelic football final approaches, can I appeal to the powers-that-be in our national broadcaster to arrest the spread of the noxious term TIE-rone. As a proud Ulsterman, I can state that I have never heard anyone from the province refer to the county in this fashion.

The term TIE-rone seems to have originated in the RTÉ sports department but now it has crept into the newsroom and is spreading like bindweed throughout the organisation. I have even heard the estimable Miriam O’Callaghan use the word.

Surely there are enough barriers between North and South without inventing new ones? Tyrone is pronounced with a soft Y as befits the Gaelic origin of the name, Tír Eoghain – the land of Eoghan. RTÉ editors, please note. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 13.