The Ryder Cup and sporting behaviour


Sir, – It is sad to see to see the awful behaviour of some of the American spectators at the Ryder Cup. Golf is a sport, not a war, and I feel sure that many Americans are as horrified by the actions of their compatriots as sports lovers all over the world. It seems impossible to control such conduct and it is hard to believe that it would be condoned by team members. Why should a few people spoil the enjoyment of such a great spectacle by this moronic attitude? They are letting themselves down as well as their team and their country. – Yours, etc,



Co Dublin.

A chara, – Congratulations to the United States team on winning the Ryder Cup. However, it is hard not to feel that their achievement has been somewhat tarnished by the behaviour of some members of their team. In particular, the verbal abuse of referees by Brooks Koepka and the petulance of Bryson DeChambeau in not having a putt “given” to him came across badly. One of the first things a beginner golfer learns is the etiquette of the game.

Both men seem to have forgotten these basic principles and I’m sure neither will be in the running for the inaugural Nicklaus-Jacklin award for sportsmanship – not that either of them will care a jot. – Is mise,



Co Carlow.