A glimpse of Paris


Sir, – Una Mullally is quite correct when she says that “comparing cities can be tiresome, reductive and impractical” (“Paris offers a glimpse of life in the 15-minute city”,Opinion & Analysis, September, 27th). This is especially the case when we talk about Paris. In the Paris banlieues, poverty rates have increased to over 40 per cent compared to 14 per cent for the rest of the city and these areas have been particularly hard hit by the ravages of the pandemic, exposing an apparent racial divide in the French healthcare system. Assuming that she has not done so already, perhaps, on her next visit to Paris, your columnist might visit the banlieues and let us know what the Paris mayor is doing to address these issues and if the 15-minute city concept has been a success there. – Yours, etc,


Terenure, Dublin 12.