‘We have forgotten how to disagree’


Sir, – Jennifer O’Connell’s opinion piece “We have forgotten how to disagree” (September 25th) very simply describes the distressing nature of modern discourse. We decried the excesses of Trump’s US and now wring our hands over the appalling personal abuse on social media. But in Ireland also we are being shown that this is acceptable. Sports stars are abused for not always performing at their best. Political parties are more aggressive in attacking opponents and sometimes resort to tactics which would not have been contemplated formerly. And media is overstepping its remit to hold society to account. Many interviews are markedly hostile and often downright rude. There should be no place for constant and persistent negativity, without any appreciation of the wider context, which is how Brexit gained such traction in the UK.

Do people really want to live in a hate-filled world?

If not, we have to learn how to disagree in a civilised fashion. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 4.