Should misogyny be a hate crime


A chara, – Misogyny is a hate crime and ubiquitous in modern society. From the cesspool of social media to the workplace, misogyny is omnipresent. It often acts as the precursor to harassment, violence and assault, threatening the safety and security of females in society.

Therefore, the Oireachtas should adopt legislation criminalising entrenched contempt for women. Legislation would increase public safety.

Acts of misogyny are on the spectrum of criminal behaviour and should not solely be categorised as an aggravating factor. The Government should be committed to eradicating societal injustices and prejudices against women.

Behaviours and statements that are intrinsically misogynistic are damaging and threatening. Legislation should reflect the danger posed to women as a result of sinister gender-based hostility.

Categorising misogyny as a hate crime is not a vessel to demonise all men or align male strength with pathological and toxic masculinity. However, it does invite deeper exploration into the prejudice against women. The social conditioning of young men urgently needs to be examined.

Females are denied the fundamental right of safety and freedom from harm if pernicious misogyny remains intact.

– Yours, etc,


New Ross,