Rememering Paul Anthony McDermott


Sir, – I’m sure that others who knew him better would be able to add to the following recollection. Your wonderful obituary (, December 10th) failed to mention some of Paul Anthony McDermott’s earlier achievements, one of which was reaching the Concern All-Ireland schools debating final in 1991, which St Paul’s sadly lost.

As a past pupil and a member of subsequent debating teams, I recall Paul Anthony selflessly making the time to critique our speeches and rebuttal prep, as we sought valiantly but ultimately unsuccessfully to follow in his (and his team’s) footsteps.

On occasion, during the interval when the judges had adjourned to adjudicate, those in attendance at the schools debates were fortunate to hear his thoughts on the motion of the day.

To those he met in this life he left a lasting impression. Even then his greatness was obvious. May he rest in peace. – Yours, etc,


London, England.