Referendum on emigrant voting not needed

A chara, – Following on from Sinead Fitzgerald’s article (Abroad, June 27th) the good news is that a referendum is not necessary, everything is already in the Constitution. Indeed emigrants can already vote from anywhere in the world in Seanad elections and diplomatic staff and members of the Armed Forces can likewise vote from abroad in Dáil elections. It is just Dáil elections for the rest of us that is missing, and this is already provided for in the Constitution.

Article 16.2.1 “All citizens shall have the right to vote in an election for members of Dáil Éireann.”

Article 12.2.2 “Every citizen . . . shall have the right to vote at an election for President”

The Constitution is not the problem, a referendum is not required, it is the political will that is missing. – Is mise,




An Fhrainc