Climate commitments and Mercusor deal

Sir, – In his defence of the Mercusor deal, Phil Hogan (Opinion, July 5th) seems to put much faith in Brazil’s adherence to its commitments in the Paris Accord.

He also maintains that clauses in the Paris Accord covering illegal deforestation in Brazilian Amazon show that the agreement has sustainability built into it.

However, with Jair Bolsonaro currently at the helm, it is legal deforestation that is more concerning.

Mr Bolsonaro’s rhetoric to date indicates that he carries no concern for the sustainable future of the Amazon region, as he panders to corporate interests that see the forest as an impediment to profit.


We cannot rely on Mr Bolsonaro to live up to Brazil’s commitment to the Paris Accord, and indeed indications are that Brazil is in effect already acting outside of the spirit of the accord.

Voters across the EU need to start looking for the commitments of the Paris Accord to be enshrined in national laws and EU laws.

The EU in turn needs to start using its leverage to look for the same commitment from its trading partners.

The Paris Accord is vulnerable and the planet is at a significant crossroads. It cannot be taken for granted in lieu of trade deals. – Yours, etc,