Doing the Leaving Cert just after surgery

Sir, – The almost incredible ordeal Amy Richards went through to sit her Leaving Certificate English exam, as graphically portrayed by her in her letter (July 4th), coupled with the front page report, should compel the provost or dean of any university to give her, in these most exceptional circumstances, a place in one of their medical schools.

As for the Minister for Education and Skills, if he ensures, under his watch, that the State Examination Commission complete a comprehensive review to ensure that all “forms of trauma and adversity “ are fully addressed, then perhaps his department should reward itself by giving Ms. Richards an extraordinary scholarship for her heartfelt endeavours to treat and cure this archaic systemic malady. – Yours, etc,




Co Dublin.

Sir, – Leaving Certificate student Amy Richards (July 4th) deserves our support in her campaign to change State Educations Commission rules in respect of students in emergency situations on their examination days.

Sadly Amy was given not one ounce of sympathy by the SEC in the circumstances where she had to undergo an emergency operation in the hours before her June 5th English paper.

In my time as an English secondary school principal allowance was always made for students in circumstances such as this. Months before the final examination schools were required to submit a predicted rank order of their candidates for each subject. In the event that a student for just cause had to miss the final exam the examination board was able to moderate the schools predicated data to produce an examination grade.

Surely the time has come for Ireland’s education system to treat our young people with the dignity that they rightly deserve? – Yours, etc,


Killarney, Co Kerry.