Public-sector pay


Sir, – I see that the public-sector unions have returned to La-La Land, and the outrageous demands borne of an undiminished sense of entitlement are once being pronounced for all to hear and bow to. It is utterly outrageous that unions would feel that previous agreements can now be negated purely because they have decided that the State finances are sufficiently healthy to allow their demands to be prioritised.

This Government needs to show some backbone and resists these outrageous demands to prevent our economy being driven off a cliff once again and to allow much-needed investment in areas such as health, caring and education.

The bleats of “unfairness” ring very hollow to private-sector workers who would fund these demands but who can only dream of the working hours, generous pensions and security of tenure still enjoyed by public-sector employees.

If fairness is what is concerning the union, then perhaps some members could take a cut instead so as to level the playing field?

After all, unions would surely be united regardless of the direction of the payscale. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 14.