Civil rights and Venezuela


A chara, – Your reporting on the collapse of Venezuela (World News, April 19th) demands that Ireland show solidarity with the people of that country and that appropriate humanitarian assistance be provided.

However, it is also time to hold to account those populist parties in Ireland who have continued to defend the Chávez/Maduro regime that is responsible for the economic collapse and human rights abuses.

Sinn Féin has regularly cited this government as a model for Ireland (including having one of its MPs as a guest of the Maduro premiership for elections last year).

Paul Murphy TD and other “socialists” are on record as being effusive in their praise.

If the actions of the Venezuelan government had been carried out by that of Israel, there would have been demands by Sinn Féin and other populists for Ireland to take strong diplomatic action (and rightly so). They’d be on loudhailers outside embassies and sending out lord mayors on missions. Yet because it is their allies in the Venezuelan government, there is silence.

Human rights (including economic rights) need to be defended, no matter where on this planet nor the political colours of the regime in power. – Is mise,


Fianna Fáil,


Co Wexford.