Object lesson for Secret Teacher


Sir, – I found the article by the Secret Teacher to be one of the worst pieces of journalism I’ve ever read (“If children are the future, then it isn’t all that bright”, September 11th). If children truly are worse-informed than they once were, it’s entirely unclear why that is more their fault than that of their teachers and parents. The ill-informed comments on mental health and “skimpily clad” girls were also offensive and merely perpetuate harmful societal misconceptions. It’s exactly this kind of rhetoric that makes children more likely to disengage from a world of self-righteous adults that refuse to take them seriously – or even afford them basic levels of respect. – Yours, etc,



Sir, – Young people today are no more thuggish and ignorant and no less idealistic and enthusiastic than any previous generation of young people despite the pressures of growing up in the 21st century. Today’s young people are being reared by the Secret Teacher’s generation which is one of the generations that foisted many of the problems of modern Ireland upon them – debt, homelessness, climate change (no need to go on). The Secret Teacher should maybe do a bit of self-reflection before penning any future articles castigating young people in such a general and hypocritical manner. And The Irish Times might consider adopting a more positive attitude to young people, if for no other reason than to recruit and retain them as readers. – Yours, etc,