Different voices and different perspectives

Sir, – Over the years, publications like The Irish Times have tirelessly examined the agenda for diversity and inclusion in society and have tutored me well in matters such as unconscious bias.

It will therefore come as no surprise to you that this eager observer of a diminishing patriarchy immediately spotted the near-absence of the female voice in the weekend edition’s Letters to the Editor (April 6th). Of a total of 18 letters from the public selected and printed by you, only two appeared to have been written by women.

Perhaps there is a supply issue with the letters received by The Irish Times, with disproportionately more men writing to complain, make interesting observations, appeal to or amuse your audience. In which case, allow me to amend my complaint to an appeal for more letters to be submitted by people from all walks of life, including various genders and races.

If I’ve learned anything from your own journalists, contributors and podcasters, it’s that we all benefit from hearing different voices, whether we notice it or not. – Yours, etc,


Firhouse, Dublin 24.