Defence Forces must be a political priority

Sir, – Marion Walsh (Letters, September 2nd) writes that we cannot afford to lose Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney to Europe with the imminent approach of Brexit. Quite so.

Lest we forget, Mr Coveney is also Minister for Defence.

The Defence Forces went into this pandemic as the lowest paid of all public servants. Its members have continued to carry out all tasks requested of them as a front-line service.

They did not complain about how difficult their new tasks were but got on with the job. That is as it should be and what we expect of them.


Being grateful will not pay the bills of their families, who marched and protested on behalf of personnel in the Defence Forces.

The Army, Naval Service and Aer Corps continue to haemorrhage trained personnel, most of whom reluctantly leave to find better-paid employment elsewhere.

The politicians promised to address this injustice, but seemingly have ignored again loyal servants who cannot speak up for their families and themselves.

This is shamefully irresponsible toward those charged with the continued security of our State. – Yours, etc,



Co Cork.