Daylight and noise pollution


Sir, – As we advance our clocks by one hour, could I make a heart-felt plea to all your readers?

Some homeowners respond thoughtlessly by performing the noisiest outdoor tasks they can think of during that extra hour of light. It’s as if they stare out the window at 7pm and say, “Darling, we’ve an extra 60 minutes of daylight. What’s the noisiest tool we’ve got in our shed? A chainsaw? An angle grinder? An electricity generator?”

Such tools work perfectly well at noon on Saturdays all year round. There’s no need to deploy them at 8pm. And there are plenty of quiet outdoor tasks like fence-painting, weed-pulling, etc, for those bright summer evenings.

This spring in particular, with people spending so much time at home, let’s show a little more consideration by completing all our noisiest outdoor tasks before tea. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 18.