Communion and Confirmations

Sir, – At present, much heavy weather is made of Covid-19 restrictions on the celebration of First Communions and Confirmation in Catholic churches.

In reality, organising safely run events in churches is not too hard.

Most churches are large buildings, with too much, rather than too little, ventilation. With a small amount of thought, organising ceremonies can be done safely.

The problem is with the post-service celebration. Many people believe, in their heart of hearts, that they won’t get Covid-19 from their families and friends. Unfortunately this isn’t so. Most transmission occurs inside families.


If the post-sacramental celebrations are run outdoors, the risks are truly minimal. Indoor celebrations, even in the colder Irish houses, are a real risk. With Delta variant circulating at a high level, it’s important to address those real risks, and celebrate safely. – Yours, etc,


Professor of Health Systems,

Dublin City University,

Dublin 9.

A chara, – The solution is clear. Celebrate First Communions and Confirmations in the building named after that pious hotelier, St Merrion. – Is mise,



Dublin 10.

Sir, – It would be interesting to know how many of the parents clamouring for First Communions took their children to weekly Mass on a regular basis, pre-Covid of course. Also, what, if any, are their plans for a second Communion? – Yours, etc,