A rail loop for the capital

Sir, – Reading Derek Scally on Berlin's Ringbahn 38km circular electrified railway loop with some envy, I am having fun trying to imagine such a route around our own capital city ("Berlin's Ringbahn: Train to infinity rolls to rhythms of city 150 years on", World, August 6th).

Imagine such an amenity removing the need for much cross-city commuter traffic, leaving more public spaces for pedestrians and cyclists to live to enjoy.

Due to the congestion on the M50, I am guessing the line would have to skirt that motorway, cross the Liffey, the Dodder, Tolka and the two canals. The Port Tunnel and the Dart line would surely have a role, as would the ugly East Link Bridge.

I can see a competition emerging for the cleverest and most cost-saving route – something to occupy the more imaginative over the long winter months ahead. I’ve even begun Googling maps of Dublin rivers! – Yours, etc,




Dublin 4.