The Olympic spirit


Sir, – The hard work put in by the International Olympic Committee and the Japanese government in getting the pandemic-delayed Olympic Games up and running must be applauded, irrespective of any financial or political motives, and in her column, Finn McRedmond has given a positive perspective to the games (“Games nobody wanted confound their critics”, Opinion & Analysis, August 5th).

Many of our country’s athletes have done exceptionally well and the games will be viewed as being very successful from an Irish viewpoint.

Watching the deferred TV coverage of the events without any anticipation of the outcomes will mean fewer memories of these games as all the excitement and the highs and lows were missed along the way. We look forward to Paris 2024 when living in the moment will make all the difference. – Yours, etc,


Ballina, Co Mayo.

Sir, – There can only be one winner in any great contest, but there are no losers among those who are prepared to give it all they’ve got. – Yours, etc,


Bunclody, Co Wexford.