Climate change and leadership


Sir, – We keep talking about the Government giving us leadership on climate change.

If you want leadership, we – collectively – as citizens of this country, need to support our Government when it moves to introduce changes to save the planet. If you believe the scientists, then we are trying to save the world for our children and grandchildren.

Is that not worth paying a few extra cent for your petrol or diesel? The change from fossil fuels to green energy is not going to be painless. Saving the planet is going to cost money.

So do you want to save the planet for your children and grandchildren, or do you want to just keep moaning every time the Government tries to implement new green policies?

Time to grow up and face the facts. This is a crisis like we have never faced before and it is going to require collective effort.

Leadership from the Government is useless in a representative democracy unless we all support its efforts.

– Yours, etc,


Foxrock, Dublin 18.

Sir, – We the public are being led to believe that the recently completed Climate Change Advisory Council is independent of the Government. Yet each member of that council was appointed by the Government.

Also the Minister for the Environment selected the chair prior to the addition of the final membership. Long live independence – Irish style.

– Yours, etc,


Castleshane, Monaghan.