Poland and the EU


Sir, – In the long tradition of Irish politics, our public representatives have disgraced themselves yet again, this time in their wolf-packing of Poland over its recent court decision elevating its constitution over EU law.

It is tendentious in the extreme to claim that the supremacy of EU law is necessary to carry out the functions of the European Union since many of those functions have been disingenuously added to the union’s brief over the decades.

The EU was created as a trading bloc, not a federal state, but a trans-national caste with no loyalty to their individual nations, and who assume they know better, have spent the last 40 years ignoring the function of the union and gathering ever greater power to themselves under the lie of ever closer union.

People don’t want that and they don’t want them.

Maybe it’s time somebody told them so.

– Yours, etc,


Artane, Dublin 5.