Calmer views on climate change

Sir, – Contrary to the assertions of Tony Carey (Letters, November 3rd), your science editor Dick Ahlstrom ("Climate change enters dangerous new territory", October 31st) gave an accurate summary of the findings of scientific studies of climate trends worldwide.

To consider a few specific points raised by Mr Carey: it has indeed been found that the recent rise in average surface temperatures correlates strongly with a rise in the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and not with changes in solar activity. There is no “huge uncertainty” concerning the contribution of carbon dioxide to temperature increase – the most recent rise in surface temperatures cannot be entirely attributed to the El Nino phenomenon. I welcome such a well-informed article on climate change as the one by your science editor. The facts reported may be alarming, but your correspondent should not be accused of “putting the alarmist view of climate change”.

– Yours, etc,




School of Science,

Waterford Institute of