Brexit in the blink of a tabloid headline


A chara, – Bobby McDonagh (Opinion, November 28th) claims that the deal David Cameron negotiated with the EU before the 2016 referendum was rejected because its necessary complexity could not be boiled down to a tabloid headline.

Au contraire, the deal was rejected precisely because it produced a pithy headline.

When it was revealed that German Chancellor Angela Merkel had persuaded the British prime minister to water down his demands and abandon hope of limiting immigration, the Sun’s punning headline was “Cam’s in her hans”. – Is mise,


Dublin 6.

Sir, – The British prime minister visited Northern Ireland on Tuesday to sell her Brexit deal; is it not time now for Arlene Foster to rekindle the NI “cash for ash” scheme – with Mrs May’s script as “approved authorised fuel” under the new scheme? – Yours, etc,


Malahide, Co Dublin.