European Parliament constituencies fit for a king


A chara, – In light of the awarding to Ireland of more MEPs for the European elections in May, it is an opportunity to look at better names for the Irish constituencies.

Interestingly, the present constituencies match very closely an ancient division of Ireland. There were two kings in Ireland, Mógha and Conn, and they divided Ireland between them. Conn got the northern half of Ireland with the border running across the middle of the country from Galway bay to Dublin bay. Mogha got to rule the land south of that border. These two areas were known as Leath Chuinn (Conn’s half) and Leath Mhógha (Mógha’s half). That division is still relevant to this day as it was from the names of these two kings that we get the name of the provinces Connachta (Connacht) and Mumha (Munster).

Considering how closely the European constituencies match these ancient areas and that the names of provinces derived from these areas are still used in Ireland up to the present, perhaps it would be appropriate to rename the Ireland South constituency Leath Mhógha and rename the very awkward sounding Midlands-North-West as Leath Chuinn. The constituency around the capital could be called Áth Cliath-Dublin.

It would also have the added advantage of ensuring that the Irish names of constituencies are recognised and used by EU bodies. – Is mise,