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“Watching the Euros in a Glasgow pub”

A city rich in art, music and sport

Letters to the Editor. Illustration: Paul Scott
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A chara, – Further to “A woman walked in and a brawl started: A night watching the Euros in a Glasgow pub” (World, June 19th), Mark Paul picks a city centre bar, close to Central Station, universally a bad idea, and writes up the hilarious yarn.

If the New York Times sent a reporter to sample the bars around Busáras on an Irish match night, would that be a fair representation of Dublin?

Perhaps they could discuss the attacks on American tourists and recent riots for some colour? We would rightly be outraged by such a one-sided piece.

I live in Glasgow, it’s a great city and home to many Irish and member of the Irish diaspora. It is not a dangerous city. It is rich in art, music and sport. It is home to two Gaelic football clubs and a hurling club.


Perhaps The Irish Times could write a positive piece for balance. – Yours, etc,