Humanitarian crisis in Gaza

What can the Irish Government do?

Sir, – The US air-drops of aid to starving people in Gaza demonstrate the extent to which Israel is violating international humanitarian law. Air drops are the last resort in a humanitarian crisis. They are dangerous, expensive and least likely to reach the people most in need.

Israel could enable full aid access by road throughout Gaza, but instead it has reduced the number of trucks going into Gaza by 40 per cent in the last month, and blocked humanitarian access to northern Gaza, where children are now dying of starvation.

Opening fire on hundreds of desperate people as they rushed to get aid from trucks on February 29th was nothing short of a massacre.

Israel said that the majority died in a crush, but the UN has confirmed that most died of gunshot wounds.


As long as the US continues to fund Israel’s military, Israel will continue to ignore the demands of its closest allies and the International Court of Justice to protect civilians.

Air-dropping aid does not make the US any less complicit in the war crimes happening in Gaza. In fact, it simply compounds the hypocrisy.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar must deliver a stark message to President Biden on St Patrick’s Day, for the sake of the over 30,000 already dead in Gaza and the two million still barely clinging to life. – Yours, etc,





Co Kildare.

Sir, – In view of the ongoing catastrophe in Gaza, the Government should withdraw Ireland’s participation in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest if Israel is allowed to participate. Competing alongside Israel would imply Ireland’s complicity and support in normalising the relentless violence and humanitarian catastrophe taking place in Gaza, despite the International Court of Justice’s concern and worldwide calls for a ceasefire. The exclusion of Russia from the contest in 2022 following its invasion of Ukraine demonstrated the Eurovision’s capacity to take an ethical stance. Allowing Israel to participate would be a clear indication of double standards and continued impunity for Israel, additional reasons for which Ireland should withdraw. Boycotting the event would send a strong signal that Ireland is a nation committed to human rights and respect for international law, as well as sending a message of solidarity to the people of Palestine. – Yours, etc,



Co Mayo.