Growing power of Regional Independents

In the driving seat

Sir, – Stephen Collins observes that some TDs voted to remove the eviction ban because they did not want to precipitate a general election (“Regional Independents emerge as a surprisingly cohesive group”, Opinion & Analysis, March 24th). He writes that many TDs are “far too comfortable” with a salary of “€104,000 a year, plus generous expenses and the bonus of being able to hire two or even three staff, often family member, in what for many of them is a highly profitable family business”.

It is not too difficult to conclude that not only is the housing crisis being sustained by such self-serving politics, it is precisely what caused it in the first place. The TDs referred to must know that they cannot dodge an election for very long but their actions may well contribute to further homelessness and misery which will not go unnoticed.

Many in the community have long since concluded that the housing crisis will not be addressed until there is a change of Government and they will vote accordingly. The short-termism of the TDs your columnist highlights will prove counterproductive by hastening the end of the careers of those who self-sought rather than served.

Karma has no menu; you get served what you deserve. – Yours, etc,





Sir, – The Regional Independent TDs bailed the Government out to win the Dáil vote on the housing crisis pretty comfortably. While the Taoiseach insists that “no special constituency deals” were done this time, you can be certain that these same individuals will be looking for these special deals in the future.

Given that the Government will increasingly come to depend on their support to maintain its continuation in power, the Independents must feel they hold all the aces. – Yours, etc,



Co Wicklow.