Health warnings on the labels of alcohol products

Consumers have a right to know about the health risks of products

Sir, – There has been media coverage this week, including in The Irish Times, about Government regulations for health information on alcohol products (“‘Dangerous’ Irish plan for alcohol health warnings prompts anger among Italian winemakers”, News, January 13th).

Much of this centred on the somewhat hysterical views of the alcohol industry which have termed these measures “dangerous” and “terrifying”.

The regulations are modest measures giving details of calories, alcohol content, warnings about drinking in pregnancy, facts about cancer and liver disease, plus a link to a Government public health website.

Some 72 per cent of the public support these measures which were proposed more than a decade ago, were extensively debated in the Oireachtas, democratically mandated in 2018 and have been through EU consultation processes twice.


Even when implemented, there will be a three-year phasing in period.

Consumers have a right to know about the health risks of products they are considering purchasing.

Recently alcohol advertisements in Ireland are carrying a slogan, “Get the Facts”.

However, it seems that vested interests would prefer consumers to have marketing myths rather than clear information. – Yours, etc,




Alcohol Action Ireland,

Dublin 7.