Keeping warm in Leinster House

Political temperature

Sir, – You report that Leinster House is leading by example in delaying the turning on of heat in the complex (News, September 29th). Facilities management are quoted as saying that heating is traditionally turned on at October 1st but this year would be delayed until next Monday at the earliest.

May I point out that next Monday is October 3rd so I fail to see any merit in this. Clearly the good incumbents of Leinster House are not generating sufficient quantities of hot air. – Yours, etc,




Dublin 9.

Sir, – We are two very senior citizens living in a 90-year-old house. So we are much older than the average age of the “chilly politicians” in Leinster House. So far this year we have not turned on the heat and will not do so until the weather gets cold enough. Rather we have put on more clothes as winter approaches. Those who govern should lead by example. Rather than have a fixed date to turn on the heat, would it not be more in keeping with our current energy crisis to let the weather decide? – Yours, etc,


Dublin 9.