One dead, two injured as crane collapses in New York

Crane lands across several parked cars in Tribeca neighbourhood of Lower Manhattan


One person has been killed and two others are seriously injured after a large mobile crane collapsed in New York City, smashing into the roofs of parked cars.

The crane landed across a road junction and stretched across much of a block in the Tribeca neighbourhood of Manhattan, about 10 blocks north of the World Trade Center.

There was damage to the roof of a nearby building, and debris littered the street.

Robert Harold, who works at the Legal Aid Society, said: “It was right outside my window. It was a crashing sound. You could feel the vibration in the building.”

Mr Harold said at least one victim was trapped in a car, and he saw onlookers trying to get the person out. He also saw a person lying motionless in the street.

Nearby buildings were evacuated, and police told people arriving for work that they should go home.

Press Association