Brexit timetable: Key dates up to UK’s planned exit on October 31st

Boris Johnson’s move to suspend parliament has set in train countdown to Brexit

September 3rd

MPs return to Commons after the summer break. Big question for Boris Johnson's opponents: do they legislate to stop a no-deal Brexit or move a vote of no confidence to try to topple him?

September 9-10th

Parliament suspended – or prorogued – ahead of the Queen’s Speech on October 14. Party conference season starts.

October 14th

MPs return to Westminster for Queen’s Speech.

October 17-18th

European Council, Brussels. The crucial moment when it becomes clear if Johnson intends to take Britain out of the EU with a deal or no deal.

October 21-22nd

Johnson promises MPs votes on Brexit strategy. Time is running out for MPs to vote down the government if a no-deal exit is imminent.

October 26-27th

MPs could work through the weekend to enact a revamped version of Theresa May’s withdrawal treaty – if Johnson has negotiated a deal in Brussels.

October 31th

Johnson’s “do or die” Brexit day.

November 7th

Downing Street is eyeing this date for a possible “the people versus parliament” general election, if MPs succeed in stopping Brexit. – Copyright The Financial Times Limited 2019