Tories consider English-only voting


Tory leader David Cameron has been accused of threatening the break-up of the United Kingdom after the Tories unveiled proposals to strip Scottish MPs of the right to vote on English matters at Westminster.

Under the Tory proposals, a new English Grand Committee - open only to English MPs - would be established to deal with legislation, such as schools and hospitals, relating solely to England.

MPs from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland would continue to sit together in the Commons to vote on UK wide matters such as taxation, foreign policy and defence.

"I think it would give a sense of fairness and complete the devolutionary process," she said.

Labour deputy leader Harriet Harman warned that Sir Malcolm's proposals - first floated almost a decade ago in 1998 - threatened the unity of the United Kingdom. "I don't think it is right to break up the United Kingdom and I think that that's where ultimately the suggestion of the Conservatives would go," she said.