Sony issues recall on faulty laptops


Sony has issued a recall on some 535,000 Vaio laptop computers following reports of overheating
due to a temperature control defect.

The recall follows 39 reports of laptops being damaged by excessive heat and covers 'F' and 'C' series Vaio notebook computers sold in the US, Europe and Asia since January, the company said in a statement.

Some of these have resulted in damage to computer bodies, but no burn injuries have been reported, the company said.

A Sony spokeswoman said the company has not estimated possible costs stemming from the problem.

The electronics company recalled 9.6 million laptop batteries in 2006 because overheating cells were a fire risk.

That recall, the biggest in the consumer electronics history, drained 51.2 billion yen (€472 million) from earnings as the company met the cost of replacing power cells in laptops made by customers including Dell, Apple and Lenovo Group.

For the 2006 recall, the company said metal particles that got into battery cells during the manufacturing process caused short circuits, leading to overheating. Battery charging units also played a role in the malfunctions, the company said.