More than 9,000 Ukrainian refugees have arrived in Ireland

About 20,000 properties offered through Red Cross with up to 100,000 arrivals expected

More than 9,000 Ukrainian refugees have arrived into the State so far, according to the latest figures from the Department of Justice.

A total of 657 new arrivals entered the Republic through Dublin Airport and other ports of entry on St Patrick's Day, while a further 788 arrived on Friday, bringing the total number of Ukrainian refugees in Ireland to 9,109 so far.

The figures have been manually recorded across the country’s ports of entry by the Department of Justice since the visa requirements for Ukrainian nationals were removed.

So far, 90 per cent of Ukrainians who have entered the State have come through Dublin Airport.


Some 20,000 properties have been offered through the Red Cross, and the State has about 2,500 hotel rooms.

Estimates of how many Ukrainian refugees may arrive into the State have ranged from 20,000 to 100,000.

Those fleeing the war in Ukraine are eligible for temporary protection under the EU Temporary Protection Directive, which was activated in response to the war.

Ireland participates in this measure, allowing refugees to be eligible for protection initially for one year and on a renewable basis.

The measure provides refugees fleeing Ukraine with immediate access to the labour market, along with access to social welfare, accommodation and other State supports.

A new reception facility at Dublin Airport has been put in place, staffed by officials from the Departments of Justice, Social Protection and Children.

This acts as a “one-stop shop” to provide people with temporary protection immediately when they arrive, as well as giving them access to social welfare, to accommodation when they need it, and to care packages and other supports provided by the private sector.

Beneficiaries are being provided with their permission letter on arrival in the State at Dublin Airport to ensure early access to all necessary supports. Arrangements are being put in place to provide permission letters to those who arrived at Dublin Airport prior to March 9th (when permission letters started to be issued) and to those who have arrived at other ports of entry to the State.

Equivalent arrangements are being implemented by Government agencies involved at other ports of entry, the department said in a statement.