Smart Bus Driving


Have you ever been in an omnibus - and in a hurry - when something went wrong and held you up? The other morning, writes a correspondent, I was on a 'bus, filled with people who had the air of having to be in their offices by 9 o'clock, when we reached a neatly blocked thoroughfare. A car had skidded into a cart on the quays and the roadway was impassable.

It was just near enough to 9 o'clock to make things really interesting - from my point of view. Some of the passengers were very restless, and were wondering just how late they would be if they got off and walked.

Then the 'bus driver had an inspiration. He backed his 'bus down the quays a little, turned up a side street and made a detour, arriving at O'Connell Bridge just in time to give his passengers a chance of reaching their offices before the line was drawn on the book.

I was under the impression that originality was not encouraged by the 'bus people, but I give full marks to that driver. He saved several people's skins that morning.

The Irish Times, December 21st, 1940.