Rockets fired at American base in Afghanistan


Eight rockets landed near a US base in southeastern Afghanistan at the weekend, causing no casualties, after Italian troops narrowly escaped a blast yards from their vehicle, a spokesman said today.

Two more rockets landed near a US base at Kandahar in the south of the country, while another was found near US headquarters at Bagram north of Kabul, but the incidents caused no damage or casualties, Col Roger Davis told reporters.

Col Davis said US soldiers responded to the multiple rocket attack on their base at Orgun-e in Paktika province last night with 105 mm artillery fire at the suspected launch point.

He said rockets landed near the Kandahar base the same night. In an incident the previous day, bomb disposal experts disabled a rocket found in the vicinity of the base at Bagram after a tipoff from local civilians.

Col Davis said 12 Afghans were being questioned, but it appeared the rocket had not been aimed at Bagram. In another attack on Saturday, a bomb blew up about 50 metres in front of a convoy of Italian soldiers in the Gardez area, Col Davis said.