Proposals for Luas extension to Point unveiled


Three options for a Luas route from Connolly Station to the Point Depot were put forward today for public consultation.

The Rail Procurement Agency (RPA) and the Dublin Docklands Development Authority (DDDA) announced the proposals for the development of an extension to the Tallaght Luas line from Connolly Station to the Point Depot. The line will be designated Luas Line C1.

The chief executive of the DDDA, Mr Peter Coyne, stated that the extension was an essential element in the implementation of the strategy of the Dublin Docklands Development Authority.

"The DDDA has already put a levy scheme in place in respect of new developments; developers who are set to benefit significantly from the establishment of the Luas line will be required to contribute to the establishment costs," said Mr Coyne.In outlining the route options for Luas Line C1 to the Point Depot, the chief executive of the RPA, Mr Frank Allen said: "Following the public consultation process the RPA will prepare a business case for submission to the Department of Transport which will outline the benefits of building the Luas extension and the proposals for how the scheme will be funded".

Route Option A would involve double track extending from the terminal stop at Connolly Station, across the junction of Harbourmaster Place and Mayor Street, along Mayor Street and over the Royal Canal by means of a new bridge before continuing towards a terminus in the vicinity of the Point Depot.

Route Option B would involve double track extending from the Busáras stop and turning north to run along Harbourmaster Place, east of the Connolly Station Stop towards the IFSC entrance to Connolly Station. A section of single track would extend from here through the laneway beside Connolly Station and into Sheriff Street and continue eastwards before turning south to run along Commons Street and then east to run along Mayor Street, crossing the Royal Canal on a new bridge and continuing to the Point Depot.

Route Option C would involve a single line loop along Harbourmaster Place, the laneway along the east side of Connolly Station, Sheriff Street, Commons Street, and Mayor Street. There would be connections to the section of track between the Busáras and Connolly Station stops, at the western end, and to the proposed double track section east of Commons Street and continuing eastward, crossing the Royal Canal over a new bridge and terminating in the vicinity of the Point Depot.

It is anticipated that following the consultative phase the RPA will select the preferred route option by mid-2003.