Priest condemns arson attack on Limerick home


An arson attack, which claimed the life of a four-year-old child, has been condemned as "evil" by a Limerick priest.

Speaking at the funeral mass of little Katelyn Ryan - who lost her battle for life in Crumlin Childrens' Hospital last week - Fr Damien Ryan said:"This deed was evil in its conception, evil in its implementation, and evil in its consequences. We only have to look here in the sanctuary, at Katelyn's little coffin to realise how evil it was," said Fr Ryan.

"Violence is wrong. Violence, whatever its motivation is wrong. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth and the whole world will end up blind and tooth-less. This deed was evil," he added.

Fr Ryan paid tribute to the huge number of people who have offered support to the Ryan family since their home in Lenihan Avenue Prospect, was petrol bombed just over a week ago.

Hundreds of mourners wept openly as Fr Ryan remembered the "little angel with the go-gos" who loved to dress up and was so full of life and love.

Mourners were led by Katelyn's heartbroken mother Jackie (32) who was also seriously injured in the blaze.The 32-year-old broke a bone in her back when she jumped from a bedroom window clutching her baby daughter Leah.

One-year-old old Leah was in the intensive care unit of Limerick Regional Hospital for a week after the blaze but was also discharged from hospital on Friday.