Entertainment in members' bar as Shane Ross tackles Olivia Mitchell and finds she is a strong defender


LATE NEWS from the members’ bar of the sharp words between Dublin South colleagues Olivia Mitchell of Fine Gael and Independent TD Shane Ross.

Eyewitnesses report that Shane was miffed by comments Olivia made about his stance on the referendum.

“I was asked to comment on your situation and I refused to do it,” he told her, saying he was somewhat surprised that she did not afford him the same courtesy.

Olivia was in hot water recently over her unfavourable mention in the Mahon Tribunal report.

She informed Shane that she made a political comment about him, not a personal one.

Her situation, on the other hand, had been personal.

Ross did not agree with her and continued to protest about her comments and explanation after she left the room, whereupon a furious Mitchell, who obviously heard him, burst back through the doors and read the riot act to an open- mouthed Ross as his ashen- faced companions sat in silence.

Onlookers tell us it was most entertaining.