Inside Politics: This autumn, a reluctant race for the Áras?

Podcast: Fianna Fáil’s stance on vulture funds and the Supreme Court case on unborn rights

President Michael D Higgins is going to run for a second term. The major parties do not want to put a candidate up against him - but might they have to, for the sake of appearances?

Pat Leahy and Sarah Bardon join Hugh Linehan to discuss the potential for an accidental race to the Áras. Will Michael D be challenged, and if so, who will the challengers be?

Then they turn to Fianna Fáil's determination to have a row about vulture funds, who Fianna Fáil say must be regulated before they can get their claws into billions of euros worth of non-performing Permanent TSB loans.

Lastly the panel look at two stories concerning the Eighth Amendment: a Supreme Court case taking place this week that has the potential to upset Government's plans for an early summer referendum on the issue, and the political reaction to polls showing a tightening of opinion on the 12 week proposal.


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