Norris seeks debate on Irish values after viewing 'Tallafornia'


Senator David Norris has called for a debate on standards in Irish life after watching TV3’s reality show, Tallafornia.

Speaking in the Seanad yesterday, he described the programme as “drink-sodden” and said its seven participants, housed together for the show, were “encouraged to behave licentiously”.

Describing the most recent episode aired on Friday, Mr Norris said “they compete to bring people home to bed them”. He described the episode as “obnoxious” in which there was “simulated sexual activity leading eventually to the full thing”.

The series, first aired on Christmas Eve, features four men and three women from west Dublin chosen by TV3 who the cameras follow as they “spend time living, working and partying together”. Repeats on TV3’s website come with a warning that there are “graphic scenes of sex and violence”.

Addressing the Seanad, Mr Norris queried “what kind of values this is inculcating in people”. The Senator called for “a general debate on the standards in Irish life and what our values are”. He said Tallaforniawas both “compulsive and repulsive viewing”.

A spokeswoman for TV3 said the show “might be different from David Norris’ time but it’s the way life is”.