Share your story: have you been contacted by phone scammers?

One scam call claims to be from Social Welfare and says an arrest warrant has been issued

There has been a sharp rise in scam phone call and emails to Irish residents in recent weeks, with some recipients claiming they have been threatened with arrest if they do not provide some data.

For example, one of our reporters was called twice by someone claiming to be from the Department of Social Welfare who then said they had that person’s PPS number and they had been implicated in an international money laundering and drug trafficking operation

The automated call said a warrant had been issued for their arrest and advised our reporter to “press 1” to discuss this matter further. (Which they did not).

A range of State agencies have warned about these calls and all advise people not to engage.


While there is some example or anecdotal evidence of what is happening and the tactics that the scammers are using, we would like to hear from people who received such a call.

Did you, or perhaps an older relative, engage with such a call and perhaps inadvertently divulge some details and if so, what happened next?

For example was money taken from your bank account?

We will publish a selection of the responses in a bid to forewarn others who may receive such calls.

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