What's hot and what's not

What's hot

Davy KeoghGetting ready to say hello from Irish soccer matches one more time. Now that’s leadership

Vogue on the newstands at €2.95Bit of a bargain . . . while it lasts

RhubarbIt’s not having the best of seasons but the taste still transports us back to our childhood

Waterford’s Lismore patternIt’s 60 years old and still looking good

Sir Tom JonesAt the Jubilee concert. Eat your hearts out, Sir Paul and Sir Elton

Imelda MayShe saved the Late Late Show 50th anniversary party by her sheer charm. Good luck with the baby

Breakfast at Romany StoneIn the old Tap bar premises on the way to Brittas. And we hear they’re putting in an outdoor cinema for those balmy summer nights

DiamondsBig ones – like the Queen’s

Lobster burgersBite restaurant’s new take on the craze that’s sweeping London is delicious

What's not

The ant invasion . .. We have seen the advancing armies

Trying to look good on Skypeface time, etc ... really doesn’t work.

Six-week haircutsFrankly, it’s unnecessary. Cut it when it needs to be cut; when it doesn’t, apply conditioner liberally and spend the difference on lipstick

HayfeverGod, those sinuses hurt. Pass the Beconase

PostersYes and No ones. Just take them down please

One4All cardsWhen you don’t know how much is on them, you can’t use them

EarthquakesNow even we are having them, off the coast of Mayo