Imam calls for attack in Ireland - BBC


An Islamic cleric who was exiled from the UK for his support for terrorism has advocated an attack on Dublin airport,according to a BBC investigation.

Omar Bakri Mohammed, founder in the UK of the now disbanded al-Muhajiroun movement, has allegedly been broadcasting via the internet since his exile to the Lebanon and, in a chatroom conversation, appeared to advocate an attack on Dublin airport.

A group called Vigil Network, established last year to monitor and transcribe the online jihadist movement, said it discovered Bakri Mohammed talking to supporters and recorded the discussions.

In sessions recorded in May, June and July, one of his followers, who appeared to confuse Dublin airport with Shannon airport, is alleged to have described it as "where kuffar American forces fly to reach Iraq to kill our brothers".

"Should this be part of the battlefield?" he is reported to have asked.

Bakri Mohammed is alleged to have replied: "Hit the target, hit it very hard and that issue must be understood, the situation there is quite difficult."

He is reported to have said of Jews: "You have no choice but to hate them. How do you fight the Jews? You kill the Jews."

The cleric was using a pseudonym, but according to the BBC Newsnight programme broadcast last night, he was identified by a voice recognition expert.

When contacted in Lebanon by the BBC, Bakri Mohammed dismissed the programme's claims as "ludicrous" and "a fabrication".