Hypnotist Paul Goldin dies in Dublin


The well-known hypnotist and behavioural psychologist Paul Goldin has died, it has been announced.

In a statement, Mr Goldin's family said he died at 11.15am this morning following a short illness.

"He was surrounded by his loving family and friends at the time of his death," the statement said.

Mr Goldin was renowned for stage shows where he would 'hypnotise' members of the audience but he also held a Masters in Behavioural Psychology and Logistics and ran a practice in Dún Laoghaire, Co Dublin.

He was born in France to a French father and English mother and the family moved to England from France in 1939 at the beginning of the second World War.

Mr Goldin was asked by the US government to travel to British Guyana to help the survivors of the Jonestown massacre in 1978 orchestrated by People's Temple cult leader Jim Jones.

"Afterwards, I decided to use [my techniques] in a positive way to empower people to reach their potential. Thats what I do - I teach people to develop peak performance, by subconsciously replicating their ideal," Mr Goldin told The Irish Timesin 2001.

"I'm not a miracle-worker, though. I can't make you be the world's greatest pianist if you don't play the piano!"