Hospital visiting restrictions continue


Visiting restrictions are still being maintained at St Vincent’s and Beaumont hospitals this week despite a reduction in the spread of the winter vomiting virus.

Although 69 patients have been affected to St Vincent's to date, there are just nine confirmed cases today and the number of closed beds has been reduced to 12. Just one new case was reported over the weekend.

Visiting restrictions were introduced last week at St Vincent's and Beaumont hospitals following an outbreak of the winter vomiting virus which was described as being one of the worst seen here in recent years.

The virus affected some 100 staff and patients at the two hospitals. Symptoms of the virus include abdominal cramps, vomiting and diarrhoea.

A spokesman for St Vincent’s said the hospital was continuing to take appropriate steps to limit the spread of the infection and called on the public to avoid the hospital if possible.

People are also urged to avoid bringing children and to observe the hand hygiene guidelines throughout the hospital.

Members of the public who have symptoms should not attend the hospital but contact their GP in the first instance if they have serious concerns.