Helplines and support services


Telephone numbers and websites of support services

HSE national counselling service

Information line for adults who have experienced childhood abuse or neglect

Freephone: 1800-235234 (Mon to Fri, 9am-5.30pm)

Connect – National Adults Counselling Service

Freephone: 1800-477477 (Northern Ireland or UK: 0800-47747777) Wednesday-Sunday: 6-10pm;

Rape Crisis Network Ireland

Telephone: 091 563676;

Dublin Rape Crisis Centre

24-hour helpline for victims of rape and sexual abuse.

Freephone: 1800-778888.


Telephone: 1850-609090;


Freephone: 1800-331234 (Northern Ireland and UK: 0800-973272) Monday and Wednesday 11am-8pm; Friday: 11am-4pm;

One in Four

Telephone: 01 6624070;

Connect Counselling

Telephone: 1800 477 477 from the Republic of Ireland; 00800 477 477 77 from Northern Ireland and UK;

Child Protection Service of the Archdiocese of Dublin

Telephone: 01-8360314;

National Board for Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church in Ireland

Telephone: 01 5053124;


Telephone: 046 9023718;